"Go, Corey, go!"

A screen grab from the beginning of Corey Stewart's Facebook Live video. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Virginia Gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart is saying all of the things that "certain people" want to hear. But it's not just what he's saying, but what he's not saying, that is really making them cream their panties. Stewart had a chance tonight to denounce the Nazis who gathered in Lee Park two nights ago to "defend Southern heritage", instead, Stewart decided to double down on the same, tired pandering-to-racists strategy, that's been failing him time and time again, throughout his entire campaign. That doesn't mean that the dirty dogs aren't picking up Stewart's dog whistles. They're hearing him loud and clear. They know exactly what it means when Stewart stands alone as the only person in Virginia politics that can't bring himself to denounce Nazis

A comment left at the Richmond-Times Dispatch story on Corey Stewart's doubling down on racism. (Image courtesy of the Richmond-Times Dispatch)

Restoring the honor!


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