General Barnum retreats for the third time in a week, calls on Flaggers to "go tactical"...

Praying for peace today in New Orleans. Arlene Barnum is pulling her troops out and standing down once again. This is the third time in one week that General Barnum has retreated. Not a very good track record in "defending the heritage". She's also calling on Flaggers to "go tactical". Barnum says that the days of simple "Flagging" are all but over. Barnum tries to explain away white supremacists who have descended on the city, as being just your average, old person who opposes ANTIFA. They're not. They're white supremacists. Several were present with Barnum and Co. yesterday afternoon, like Brad Griffin and Jeremy Walls.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

What do y'all think is going to happen in Virginia? Better make more popcorn.

Restoring the honor!


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