Donna Randall promotes Corey Stewart in the comments of a white nationalist blog...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

That's our good buddies Donna and George Randall with Virginia Gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart. They've been giving ol' Corey a big hand with his campaigning.

(Image courtesy of Occidental Dissent)

That's a post on the white nationalist blog Occidental Dissent. Brad Griffin runs that blog. Brad was in Pikeville, Kentucky this past weekend with the Neo-Nazis

(Image courtesy of Occidental Dissent)

And that is Donna Randall posting on Brad's white nationalist blog. Typically, no one really reads a white nationalist blog, except white nationalists. I mean, in my experience at least.

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

That George Randall. He sure does have a whole mess of them, there League of the South stickers all over his truck, now don't he? Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck...

Restoring the honor!


  1. I read once that there is a correlation with the number of bumper stickers on a car and the persons IQ. The more stickers the lower the IQ. Interesting...


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