Developing: FASH unfurl "You Will Not Replace Us" banner at ACTBAC event, get arrested...

Fascists unfurl a "You Will Not Replace Us" banner at "Heritage" event in North Carolina. (Image courtesy of Twitter)

So much FAIL!!! For the second weekend in a row, fascists have commandeered a "Confederate heritage" event to spread their vile fascism.

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

Reports are that two were arrested for this failed publicity stunt, and we will report their identities as soon as possible.

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

"You Will Not Replace Us", is a slogan popularized by Identity Evropa, a fascist group run by Nathan Damigo, a convicted felon, who famously punched a woman.

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

Reports also show that Gary Williamson, the leader of ACTBAC, was franticly trying to stop his people from talking to the media. Too late Gary, we already know what's going on. 

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Also on hand, Kyle Rogers, former webmaster of the Council of Conservative Citizens, who has a financial stake in all of this Flagger bullshit through his company, Patriotic Flags. 

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

George Randall at left, eating at The Verdict in Graham, North Carolina. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Not surprisingly, our good buddies George and Donna Randall also made it down for the festivities, and to represent the Heritage Preservation Association. We were also forwarded some photos of the fascists in Graham earlier today. Email us at if you can help identify these creeps:

(Image courtesy of The Times-News)

Brad Griffin reports at Occidental Dissent that the League of the South and Identity Dixie sent white nationalists to the ACTBAC event as back-up, and that one of the white nationalists was responsible for chanting "Hail Dixie!" All of the Heritage folks cheered in response to the white nationalist, as can be seen in the video below. As we have been saying all along, "heritage" and hate go hand in hand.

(Image courtesy of Occidental Dissent)

Restoring the honor!


  1. The Virginia Flaggers get a small shout out in the SPLC's newest article about the ACTBAC FAIL over the weekend. White nationalism and Confederate "heritage" are starting to more openly intertwine. It won't be long before the Rainbows abandon all of their "Heritage not Hate" bs as we have already seen from others:

  2. "...starting to get more openly intertwined" is solely in your head.

    1. Is it? Did you listen to that podcast yet?

  3. I'm just going to leave this here:

    "TWO OTHER MEN, both U.S. Marines, according to law enforcement, also were arrested Saturday.

    Joseph Warner Manning, 32, of 18 Barksdale Drive, Jacksonville, and Michael Joseph Chesny, 35, of 109 Forsyth Road, Havelock, each were charged with misdemeanor first-degree trespassing.

    Both men were released by a magistrate on a written promise to appear in court.

    Chesny and Manning are accused of trespassing on the roof of 101 N. Main St., a corner building by Court Square owned by Carolina Property Holdings, which had not provided the men permission to be there, said Jason Cox, a representative of the company.

    McGilvray said the men arrived early that morning and used a ladder they’d brought to reach the roof of the building, pulling it up behind them after climbing to the top.

    They told officers they were there to film members of the IWW.

    The two men eventually threw over the side of the building a banner that read “He who controls the past controls the future,” a quote from George Orwell’s novel “1984,” with “YWNRU” on the side.

    The acronym stands for “You will not replace us,” the slogan chanted by demonstrators carrying torches May 13 in Charlottesville, Va., at a protest surrounding the removal of a Confederate monument and, according to its leader, in affirmation of being white.

    Graham police and sheriff’s officers said they were unsure which group Chesny and Manning were representing Saturday.

    McGilvray said Graham officers used the cops’ special response team’s collapsible ladder to climb on top of the roof to investigate and detain the men, and received permission from a man pressure-washing a nearby building to use his hydraulic lift to bring Manning and Chesny down from the building."

  4. Gary Williamson is spinning like a top this morning:

    You can't make this up. Gary Williamson just posted this nonsense at the ACTBAC Facebook page:

    "To clear the air on several things that even we can't explain, we thought it would be good to have a run down of some of the things that happened over the course of the day. To start, YES, their were several arrested before the event began. 3 of the ones arrested were without question , far left extremist. The other 2 have still not been confirmed as to who they were. They were arrested for hanging a banner on one of the local businesses. The IWW and "friends" claim they were "white supremacist". But then again, to them every one is a "white supremacist". So that bucket will never hold water. When the police took down the banner we all cheered because we assumed it was another "IWW banner". We thought by the wording it was 110% some anti-everything slogan. Several of us have been researching the meaning and silly as it sounds, we still can't figure out what these guys were there to express. The wording on the banner is used in European socialist groups, Marxist philosophy agendas, but then again we found it used by a nationalist movement group from California and Texas. One of the men told police that they were only there to "film the IWW" but did not say why. Either way who ever they are, they are not us. If anyone comes to a event of ours and breaks the law and shows disrespect , you will be escorted out just like these fools wearing a new pair of bracelets. We were able to find out they are not from this neck of the woods. Both men are from Eastern North Carolina. And the scary part is, they are both Marines. We have basically every life story of the 3 lovely IWW guys arrested but throwing it all across the internet for the world to see is not in our cause. They have to live with the actions they make, not us. Even after all the blasphemous remarks and conflict, we will not slander them any further as they would do to us."


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