Cucked: Jason Kessler "names the Jew" but won't say whether he's a Nazi or not...

Folks, what Kessler does above, is known as "naming the Jew". It's a white power thing, where they prove themselves to each other as being tough on the "Jewish Question". Kessler will likely deny that this is what he is doing, but it's pretty clear to anyone who looks at it objectively. Of course, Jason still won't say whether he's a white nationalist or Nazi. This is all a semantics game for Kessler. He's trying to maintain a small veneer of legitimacy. He calls himself a "journalist", and being labeled a white nationalist or Nazi is career suicide, and he knows it. Still, Jason is backing himself into the white power corner, and once he's in the corner, he's not getting out, which is why he's taking his sweet old time. Don't believe me? Just see what his followers are saying about him. Don't take it from me, take it from the scum that identifies with trash like him.

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Come out of the closet already Jason. It's ok. We already know. We're not stupid. When you're submitting your "work" to Vdare, livestreaming for Red Ice, and having dinner with Derrick Davis (who is wearing a t-shirt with a Nazi black sun on it) it's too late for you to frame the debate. 

Jason Kessler and Derrick Davis. (Image courtesy of It's Going Down)

I will leave it up to you to figure out what Jason Kessler is, but isn't it obvious? Jason is "cucking" soooooo hard.

Restoring the honor!


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