"Confederate Heritage" is the celebration of white supremacy and treason, so sue me...

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Folks, I wish this was fake, but it's not. Note that Amanda Jennings is apparently too hillbilly to know that the form of defamation she is referring to is called libel, not slander. Via The News Star:

"Jennings maintains the Confederate statues and Confederacy in general do not represent racism or white supremacy.
“What they have in the history books is not true...They can’t refer to us as white supremacists, either. We’re fixing to sue a few."

Did you hear that folks? They're a fixin' to sue a few of them, there defamers. Lets hope she adds me to the frivolous lawsuit. (Fingers crossed!) Let me state unequivocally that "Confederate Heritage" IS nothing more than the celebration of white supremacy and treason. There, I said it. So sue me already. Good luck! :)

Restoring the honor!


  1. Wouldn't it be so nice if they did sue? I would love to be in that courtroom watching the heritage nuts present all those "facts" of theirs only to see them exposed as garbage. It reminds me of the time when some of them proposed to sue James McPherson so they could drag him in court and expose him as a fraud. It was the best joke of the year and caused a great deal of laughter. Instead, the usual nothing happened and obviously James McPherson has continued to research the Civil War and publish his findings based on the facts.

    I would just love to see a lawyer asking the heritage nuts for their qualifications as historians.

    "Could you please tell the court your education?"
    "A high school diploma? What college did you attend?"
    "You didn't go to college/don't have a degree...in anything?"
    "What qualifications do you have as a historian?"
    "So, you think being the descendant of a Confederate solider is a qualification as a historian?"

    Then the fun over what a fact is can begin. Maybe the lawyers could ask the heritage folks what context is or how historical analysis works. Watching the heritage folks flail over that would be entertaining.

    1. I have an update. Wait til you see it. This NOLA dust up really brought the crazies out of the woodworks.


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