Are the Virginia Flaggers paying for positive Google search results?

Page 1 of Google News search results for "Virginia Flaggers". (Image courtesy of Google)

Folks, something really weird happened this week. I follow the Virginia Flaggers regularly on Google, keeping up on any newsworthy updates on the circus show in Sandston pretty much daily. About once a day I would make my way to the Google News search and enter "Virginia Flaggers", just to see if anything new had popped up. For months now, the returned search results have been getting worse, until it was pretty much nothing but bad publicity. Earlier this week however, I navigated to Google to see if there were any new updates as usual, and to my surprise, not only was all of the bad publicity missing from page 1, but it was buried all the way back on page 9 of the search results.

Page 9 of Google News search results for "Virginia Flaggers". (Image courtesy of Google)

Now folks, I can't say for sure that the Flaggers are paying for positive Google search results, but clearly something happened, and it happened suddenly, because last week the negative stories on page 9, were on page 1. Maybe they are trying to improve their image? This should help. Bravo Flaggers! Bravo! Well, at least they spelled it right this time. I guess that's an improvement?

Restoring the honor!


  1. I'm being told by people that know much more about this than I do, that this is probably just a coincidence. I don't know how they could afford to buy a better ranking anyway with the thousands of flags they're putting up.


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