The Very Lost Cause: Connie Chastain, the Queen of the Confederate word salad...

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Well now, that was interesting. 

Restoring the honor!


  1. After almost 20 years of dealing with Chastain and her ilk I as still waiting for an explanation of the "abuses" that the federal government dealt out to the southern people to trigger their secession in 1860-61.

  2. Thom did a good job at combating Connie, but when things got too tough for Connie she begins to run away...LOL

  3. As usual the numbers don't support Chastain's claim. They also don't support Benton's views either. In fact, money from the North was going west to help open up Missouri and other states. The argument that Benton was making in 1828 was over the development of the infrastructure of the US such as roads and canals which was part of Henry Clay's American Plan. Southerners opposed it as they used natural rivers for transporting most of their goods.

    The argument was also used in support of Andrew Jackson's election over John Quincy Adams that year which when put in the context of the times reflects Benton's support for Jackson and not Adams couched in a north vs south vocabulary.

    But then context analysis has never been one of KKKonnie's skills.

    Squawking loudly while spewing racist ignorance on the other hand is her strong skill.


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