The Softball Game: Why haven't the news media covered the hate group member who is speaking at the Historic Blandford Church on Saturday?

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Folks, this is going to be two years in a row that the Virginia news media sat by and did nothing while a hate group member is slated to speak to the community at a "Confederate Heritage" gathering, this time at the Historic Blandford Church, in Petersburg, Virginia, this coming Saturday. It has been announced that his topic of discussion will be secession, which isn't really that odd since the hate group he is associated with is the League of the South, a white nationalist group who has been urging for a second secession from the United States. 

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The Sons of Confederate Veterans, who have an anti-hate group policy, have repeatedly declined to comment on the event, and the Virginia news media has given a collective yawn to the notion that they should be bothered, once again, to have to do their jobs. In some markets, this would have been big news, but not Virginia. We can't even get a single story. Shame on you Virginia. 

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Restoring the honor!


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