The League of the South rehabilitates it's image in Pikeville by working with Nazis...

Audrey Skeens (as reported by the Lexington Herald-Leader) and LOSer Isaac Shelby Baker rally with Nazis in Pikeville, Kentucky. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

I don't really know what more there is to say. Yesterday, there was a Nazi rally in Pikeville, Kentucky. The LOSers were there alongside the National Socialist Movement. A few years ago, Matthew Heimbach was kicked out of the LOSers for rallying alongside Nazis. Now, the LOSers are openly working with them. It doesn't get any more ironic then that. Hey, do you know who the LOSers rallied with earlier this year in Lexington, Virginia? If you said The Virginia Flaggers, you're right.

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

I highly recommend that you go look at the photos of the NSM Nazis, LOSers, Traditionalist Worker Party, Ku Klux Klan, Oathkeepers and militia members, who all worked together in solidarity with one another, at freelance photographer Daniel Shular's excellent gallery. The gallery includes a great shot of Kentucky League of the South Chapter head Spencer Borum.

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

No one heard the Nazis message yesterday, thanks to the large gathering of anti-fascists and members of the community who completely drowned out everything they tried and FAILed to say. The Nazis wasted time and money to travel to Pikeville not to be heard. It was a huge win for their opposition and a mega loss for them. Additionally, the images of them giving Sieg Heil salutes are getting a lot of shares on social media and will surely open the eyes of millions of Americans as to the threat they pose to freedom and equality. Pikeville stood up yesterday and said, "No safe spaces for Nazis!"

Restoring the honor!





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