Soon-to-be-sentenced Jason Kessler tells the Heritage movement to "put up, or shut up"...

Jason Kessler is a big talker, but what the fuck has he done besides land himself in legal trouble and get written off by Mike Cernovich?

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

The dude is a total loser. But why should being a total loser keep him from calling out the "Heritage" movement (who are too skeered to do anything about the removal of their monuments) even bigger losers? They'd rather sit by and type away on Facebook all day long, and Kessler knows it.

"There are, I believe, three more statues left, and this needs to become an issue. People need to get down to New Orleans. If you are one of these people in these Confederate heritage groups whom I've talked to, many of you over the last few months of my life, it is time to put up, or shut up. Ya know? If you are on the internet expressing these sentiments, but you won't show up in person to protect the statues, then what good are you? What good are you? You need to have people standing in front of those statues, and I would even say that if you are a member of the Three Percenters, or one of these other groups, perhaps you need to do a demonstration like they had at Bundy Ranch. Do everything legally. You are allowed to open carry in Louisiana, but, you know? Stand your grand. Say, "I will not be moved."

I think he's looking right at you Susan Hathaway. No, I don't think we'll be seeing Susan out saving any monuments anytime soon. Susan's too busy with her own failures to get involved with other people's shit-shows.

Restoring the honor!


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