Michael Hill's writing more checks his ass isn't going to cash...

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Folks, when you have to do stupid shit like this, it's proof that you're desperate. Dr. Mike has been at this hate group business for over twenty years now, and he has zero accomplishment to show for it. With each passing day he's getting older and older, and all he can do is sit by and watch the sand pass through the hourglass. Let's face it. The old man isn't going to be around much longer. When you reach such an advanced stage in life and you start to reflect on what you've done with your life, reality really starts to set in. Dr. Mike is a failure. He has a small following. He has no checks in the accomplishment column. He hasn't seceded. His biggest accomplishment is inspiring a bunch of old, fat guys to get on the internet like everybody else, and bitch and gripe all day. 

As we saw earlier this week, New Orleans took down the Liberty Place monument and no one stopped them. There was hardly anyone even there to voice their disapproval. The Confederate heritage movement totally failed, so you would think that naturally, Southern Nationalists would step up to the plate to take a swing, but nope. New Orleans is going to continue to take down the monuments, and other cities like Charlottesville will surely follow, and Dr. Mike and Co.? Well, they're just going to sit by and watch with everyone else. I mean, what are they going to do? We've seen what the Sons of Confederate Veterans big idea is. We know that no one is "Rallying behind the Virginians" despite the many desperate pleas from the Heritage community to do just that. Donald Trump doesn't give two shits about the monuments and flags, and he said as much during his campaign (totally puzzling why Southerners gave him so much support after he said the rag belonged in a museum, but then again, we already knew that these folks don't have any conviction.) So now, here we are again. Dr. Mike is spouting off at the mouth. Something about hanging politicians or something. I don't know, no one really listens to a senile old man. And as for Southern Nationalists, don't expect them to do anything about the monuments, they're too busy LARPing militiamen in Pikeville, trying to protect Nazis. So pop your popcorn. The show's just getting started.

Restoring the honor!


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