Heritage Victim Mentality: Connie Chastain plays the race card...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Restoring the honor!


  1. Oh, now that is rich coming from Chastain.

  2. Intellectual honesty a concept you're having trouble with, Corey?

    Did you see pics of the grafitti on the Lee Monument in NOLA? "F--k white people," it said. See, it's not about flags, monuments and marble or granite. It's not about ideologies or political beliefs. it's about people. It's about fomenting hatred for a particular group of people... the same ones YOU and De'Stroy are all the time drumming up hatred for.

    Be sure and make pics, and post them here, of yourselves celebrating when your fomenting results in the shedding of heritage blood.

    1. "Did you see pics of the grafitti on the Lee Monument in NOLA? "F--k white people," it said."

      Connie, who wrote that? Please cite your source. Thanks.

    2. People waving Confederate flags: "I get so much hate because I'm white!"

      People not waving Confederate flags: "I don't get any hate (aside from people that are waving Confederate flags because I disagree with them)"

      There's a difference there somewhere. Hopefully we can spot it and move forward.

    3. Maybe Connie doesn't understand the symbolism of the flag and the monuments.

    4. Wonder if Connie thinks putting up really big ass flags in cities that didn't do what the Flaggers wanted drums up hate?


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