Hate Not Heritage: Virginia Flaggers supporter doxxes Vice Mayor on Flagger Facebook page...

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

We've deleted the personal information, but the Flaggers haven't.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Restoring the honor!


  1. Publish Tripp Lewis' address and watch the twitter storm roll.

    1. I don't sink to Flagger level. I refuse to get into the gutter with them.

  2. Flagger level is lofty. You are in below gutter level. You are severely lacking in ethics.

    1. You mean like this?


    2. Yes, that is precisely the lack of ethics -- borne of your hatred -- you constantly demonstrate. You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Virginia Flaggers have no control over who shows up for events they are not sponsoring. Guilt by association accusations without irrefutable proof are unethical, and that's just one of your highly unethical practices.

      You trash the Flaggers and other heritage folks with nonexistent racist "associations" because you want them to get damaged or hurt -- because you know they have no such tendencies themselves so you have to fabricate them claiming associations they don't have. And why? What's it all leading up to? You aren't going to be happy until you see heritage blood spilled. You whole, hate-filled blog is a testament to your hatred and lust for destruction and damage. You're the Yvette Felarca of the blogosphere -- you want to hurt people you don't like "by any means necessary} -- lying, spying, false accusation, insinuation, misinterpretation, and a whole lot more.

      You utter nary a peep about violent and destructive antifa and BLM and the growing ranks of perpetrators of fake hate crimes ... all in the name of "anti-racism" (counterfeit and fraudulent "anti-racism") which is really just an outlet for you leftist fakes with your visceral hatred to let slip the dogs of YOUR hate while "condemning" other people's "hate".

      And lying while hiding in your cowardly anonymity is a hallmark of your egregious lack of ethics.

      Enjoy it while you can. The leftist reign of terror in this country is on the way out....

    3. While we're on the topic of hate, did you catch the video of the LOSer who started the altercation at Auburn? You know the guys you always defend as not being violent? I will link to the video for you tomorrow and his mugshot and the LOSers comments bragging about their boy. You know, y'all's white nationalist non-violent buddies. The same group Shaun Winkler belongs to. I know you know who I'm talking about, some of them were at the Flagger gathering in Lexington. Don't be afraid to admit that's all true, lest I make you look like the fool you are again.

    4. PS, the authorities were alerted to the dox. There's eyes on your fries. Believe that. Y'all better start policing your page and delete your harassment Twitter accounts. I know you know the ones I'm talking about. Everyone knows who's behind it.

    5. Look Connie! https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2017/04/21/purported-league-south-member-among-those-arrested-auburn-protests


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