Hate Not Heritage: For some odd reason, no one wants to talk about Pastor John Weaver...

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Folks, if you can't make it out on Saturday to the Historic Blandford Church in Petersburg, Virginia to hear Pastor John Weaver speak about secession, you can always catch him later this year at a white nationalist hate group's National Conference. It's true. I'd asked. Plus, I saw an ad for it tonight in an Anti-Semitic newspaper.

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I've reached out to the leadership of the non-profit who run the museum, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and also many members of the Virginia news media about the event, but so far, no one seems to know much of anything about the event, or care to talk about it, for some strange reason...

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I had heard that the SCV got a really sweet deal on the space rental too! Good for them.

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Now if you're coming to hear Pastor Weaver's views on inter-racial marriage and slavery on Saturday, you're going to be pretty disappointed, because he's there to strictly talk about treason to our country. But don't let that deter you from having a great time at this wholesome family event. Please make sure you bring the little ones, they aren't going to want to miss this!

Restoring the honor!


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