Confederate History & Heritage Month: "The Supremacy of the white race" b/w "Kansas, the Outpost"...

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An excerpt of "Politics and Culture of the Civil War Era: Essays in Honor of Robert W. Johannsen", released by Susquehanna University Press in 2006:

"On April 4, 1856, Eufaula attorney and planter Jefferson Buford and an estimated 350 men recruited by the Eufaula Southern Rights Association stopped in Montgomery on their way to “Bleeding Kansas,” where they intended to help transform the territory into a slave state. One of the Buford Expedition’s banners boldly proclaimed “THE SUPREMACY OF THE WHITE RACE” on one side and “KANSAS, THE OUTPOST” on the other."

We will have more on Jefferson Buford and his expedition to Kansas soon.

Restoring the honor!


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