Confederate History & Heritage Month: James L. Pugh's speech, delivered before the House of Representatives, January 11, 1860

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When I think of the history and heritage of the Confederacy, it is hard to forget this gem from James L. Pugh of Alabama, and how representative it was of Southern sentiment in the months preceding the South's war to preserve their "States Rights". An excerpt of his speech given before the United States House of Representatives on January 11, 1860:

"Mr. Clerk, I shall offer no argument or apology in support of this institution. The subject has been fully discussed in all its ramifications, and I will simply remark that the system of negro servitude at the South is a blessing in every conceivable sense, inestimable to both races, and it can and will survive every ordeal except the friction, drainage, and pressure of the Federal Union. No wonder the Black Republican cry is, "the Federal Union, it must and shall be preserved." No wonder this proclamation is reechoed by the Union meetings at the North. The Union is the coil of the anaconda to the institution of slavery."

Restoring the honor! 


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