Confederate History & Heritage Month: "EQUALITY IN THE UNION, OR INDEPENDENCE OUT OF IT" (The genesis of the Spirit of the South)

Prior to formally changing the name of the newspaper from The Eufaula Democrat to the Spirit of the South on October 15, 1850, the publisher, John Black, ran the following article in the Tuesday, October 8, 1850 issue. 

The article came just four days before a large meeting of the local lawyer-planter class was held, in which they made their dream a reality. Among those who took part in a meeting of the Eufaula Southern Rights Association on October 12, 1850, were Edward C. Bullock and Paul Tucker Sayre. Bullock served as the Secretary for the meeting, and Sayre seconded the motion offered by C.R. Woods to adopt a resolution for the creation of a newspaper, whose focus would be all things related to "Southern Rights", or in layman's terms, protecting their right to own slaves.

On November 12, 1850, the newspaper printed the following prospectus:

"We shall commence on the 15th of October inst., in the city of Eufaula, a weekly paper under the above title. - It shall be devoted to the advocacy of Southern Rights, and so far as politics are concerned, this shall be its only object."

The prospectus went on to add:

"It will aspire to be the organ, in this region, of the Southern Rights party, and its motto shall be, "EQUALITY IN THE UNION, OR INDEPENDENCE OUT OF IT."

Restoring the honor!


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