Confederate History & Heritage Month: Tuesday, April 1, 1851 issue of the Spirit of the South

For your reading pleasure, released 166 years ago today, the April 1, 1851 issue of the Spirit of the South

I was particularly drawn to this passage from page one:

"Within the last year, a considerable number of your fellow-citizens, principally in the Southern and Eastern sections of the State, have formed themselves into societies under the general appellations of Southern Rights Associations. These societies are composed of men who believe that the tendency of old party organization has been to lead their members to avoid any decisive action on the great slavery question, and to wink at and acquiesce in aggressions on the South rather than endanger party success by opposition to them, and who have determined to stand aloof from those parties until the wrongs done to the South, while each of those parties have administered the Government, shall be amply redressed and the rights of the South fully guarantied against future aggressions; or in the event of the failure of such just demands, until "new safeguards" have been provided for the maintenance of our liberties."

Restoring the honor!


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