Confederate Butthurt: Is Billy Bearden down in the dumps?

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I must admit, the EPIC meltdowns we've seen coming from the Confederate Heritage snowflakes has been extra enjoyable to watch. Billy Bearden is sick and tired of being disrespected, and he's going to tell you that one more time, just to make sure that you understand that he's sick and tired of being disrespected. Where was Billy the other night? Probably where all of the Flaggers were, sound asleep. Here are some of the wonderful comments that were left under Billy the Special Snowflake's temper tantrum. Be sure to check out Ronnie Ammons brilliant commentary about "Obama's niggers". Well, that's one way to prove that you aren't a racist.

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Speaking of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, lets check in with them and see what they're up to...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Restoring the honor!


  1. Oh wow. The SCV's done it! They just saved the monuments by writing another letter. LOL! Better send them some more money.

  2. It is oddly enjoyable to watch these confederate heritage folks take a page from the BLM blocking traffic and such. The same tactics they complained about in the past.

    1. There's a name for that, "Heritage victim mentality". They are permanently aggrieved. Pity party for none.


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