BREAKING NEWS!: Brian Rowsey reporting that the Lexington hate flag isn't going back up...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

They're getting worried out there in Flagger country. Been awful quiet in the Virginia Flagger camp lately. Sounds like they need to threaten a community or something...

(Image courtesy of the Virginia Flaggers)

And right on cue. Lets see how that's working out for them...

Klansman Scott Woods is calling for a BIG protest. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Uh oh. Maybe more threats then?

Restoring the honor!


  1. I love this comment under the article by our buddy Billy Bearden:

    "I drive I-85 a lot. Tanger outlets have a 100 foot pole flying a 30x50 US flag. In Williamsburg,, 3 poles twice the size of the outlet mall fly have state and US Flags. Walmart in Lexington has a pole attached to the roof, this taller than the building.
    This is all about hatred against people trying to fly a flag to honor Virginians who fought and died for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    Somehow, in Billy's small mind, what the Tanger Outlets off of I-85 in the State of Georgia does, bizarrely has something to do with what is happening in the State of Virginia. It doesn't. Each locality has its own ordinances, and the residents of each locality have to abide by the laws of that locality. Billy gives no details whether or not Wally Mart had the flagpoles approved, applied for a building permit, or fall within the Tourism Corridor Overlay like the property in question does. This is because things like facts and laws don't matter to these people. They're "Patriots" folks. Don't you know? Laws don't apply to them. They can do whatever they want cuz muh freedumb and liberty. No Billy, what this is about is how y'all thumb your nose at authority and then find out that if you fight the law, the law is going to win. Keep it up, we live the LULZ!

  2. Even on small details, the Virginia news media can't get it right. That flag pole is not Brian Rowsey's. It and the flag that was attached to it, belong to the Virginia Flaggers. They are purposely harassing communities with their hate flags and trying to force their beliefs on entire populations. It's clear by the number of people who spoke against it and the number that spoke for it that the people of Lexington reject their backwards ideology. This was not a flag issue, it was a an issue of a group of people who have great disdain for authority. They are purposely erecting the biggest poles they can and flying the biggest flags they can to harass anyone who won't accept their worldview. Go away Virginia Flaggers. No one wants your ugly hate flags.


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