A LOSer gets jammed up at Auburn...

Things got out of control last week after a League of the South member took a sucker punch on a protestor at white nationalist Richard Spencer's speaking event at Auburn University. The overwhelming narrative of the far right (read, "white supremacists") is that they are a jolly band of peaceniks, who just want to exercise their First Amendment rights. Apparently, that includes instigating violence by taking a swing on people who are protesting you? 

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

"Nevertheless, the event did not pass without some blood spilled. Just before Spencer was scheduled to speak, a scuffle broke out in front of Foy Hall as a verbal confrontation between Seth Miles Waldon, a 27-year-old clerk from Birmingham, and Ryan Matthew King, a 38-year-old Montgomery tattoo artist, turned violent. Police quickly separated the pugilists, though not before video captured the two throwing haymakers and falling over one another as they brawled.
While Waldon’s affiliations were easily discernable due to an embroidered Antifa logo on his coat, it wasn’t until the next day that King’s motivating animus became apparent. Michael Hill, president of the LOS, posted that “One of our compatriots bloodied a big, ugly AntiFa in Auburn last night, was arrested, and fined $500. We are raising funds to offset his fine. At this point (12 noon, 19 April) we have three pledges of $25 each. …We must always be ready to help our brothers and sisters in this fight!--Michael Hill”
Soon after, League members began circulating a meme of Waldon’s mug shot with the caption “Antifa, this was from one blow from one of our men to one of your biggest—See you in Pikeville”."

(Image courtesy of the National Socialist Movement)

The Pikeville event, is a Neo-Nazi rally that has been in the works for several months and is scheduled to take place on Saturday in Pikeville, Kentucky. Members of the League of the South, the National Socialist Movement, and the Traditional Worker Party are all expected to attend.

Restoring the honor!


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