What we have here, is a failure to communicate...

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Folks, first things, first. Chris Burnham up there, he's the host of the white nationalist podcast The Right Voice. I was surprised to see him messaging under Mrs. Chastain's post, because we all know that the Virginia Flaggers (Chastain is an honorary member and their sometimes webmaster) don't have anything to do with racists and white nationalists like Burnham, whose guests happen to be people we are very familiar with, like Shaun Winkler and Greg "Thor Henderson" Calhoun. Of course not...

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But I digress, Chastain refuses to believe that these two terrorists are guilty. The reason why folks is because it's inconvenient for her to admit that people who wave the rag could be guilty of such a crime, because it makes groups like the Virginia Flaggers (who also wave the rag) appear as though they are of the same vein. It is because they are. The rag is a symbol of racial hatred and intimidation. That is what these terrorists were using it for, to intimidate minorities, and that's the same reason groups like the Virginia Flaggers are using it for. They get their jollies off of how many hate flags they have raised to punish communities for not giving them their way. Communities are removing an reinterpreting symbols of white supremacy, and they are angry about it, and raising hate flags is how they "get back" at communities. It is how they are reasserting their white supremacy.

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See folks, it's all a big joke to them. Susan Hathaway and the Virginia Flaggers take great satisfaction in raising hate flags across the Commonwealth. They think it's hilarious. They're going to show those "Cultural Marxists" who's still in charge. Y'all better pay attention, because white supremacy is asserting itself right before your very eyes. Hate flags are the modern day equivalent to the Ku Klux Klan burning a cross on a minority families front lawn. They are sending a message, are you getting it?

Restoring the honor!


  1. Susan Hathaway's buddy Michael Cushman is feeling his white power oats:


    The Nazis do not support Trump per se, they support white supremacy, which sometimes is what Trump gives them. They've made it clear, they don't care about the man, the care about the means to an end. When Ttump's policies overlap with their own fascist goals, they "support" him, but when they don't? Look out. So far, all Trump has given them is a bunch of talk. It's still too early to know how full-on fascist he's willing to go, but make no mistake, he has allowed the white power crowd to grow within his own movement by creating the conditions for them to flower and prosper. That is something he can't erase.


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