"The time for compromise has now passed..."

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Such a great quote. If only it were true for the Flaggers.

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I'm sorry, this isn't a compromise, it's total capitulation. Via The Roanoke Times:

"A pro-Confederate group has "temporarily" removed a 20-by-30-foot battle flag in Rockbridge County the locality insisted be taken down because it violated zoning regulations.  
A week after the Virginia Flaggers claimed the flag was not coming down, they removed the Confederate flag and the 80-foot flagpole at the landowner's request. 
"We were prepared to pay the fines that the county of Rockbridge had threatened to levy while we submitted the requested building permit application and request for a 'certificate of appropriateness', neither of which had been required on either of the other two flags raised previously in Rockbridge County," according to a statement from the flaggers. "However, when the landowner contacted us and requested the pole be temporarily removed until the permits were in place, we agreed to his request, as he had been subject to harassment and even threatened with imprisonment."
The flaggers do not own the property where the flag was flown. 
On Jan. 17, days after the flag went up, county officials informed the flaggers if the flagpole wasn't removed within 45 days, the flaggers and the property owners could face fines amounting to $200 per violation for the first 10 days and $500 dollars a day after that for a maximum of $5,000 in fines. 
The flagpole violates setback requirements that stipulate how close a structure can be placed to a public highway, county officials said. 
"This was never a flag issue," Slaydon said. "We made it very clear from the very beginning that this was a setback violation.""

Of course it isn't a flag issue. It's a Virginia Flaggers thumb their nose at the law and lose BIGLY issue.

(Image courtesy of The Roanoke Times)

Way to make them smell that Southern powder and feel that Southern steel Susie...

Restoring the honor!


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