The Sulser Files: Friday, July 3, 2015

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Our second installment in the ongoing series, "The Sulser Files", which compiles convicted felon Jason Sulser's involvement in both Confederate heritage and white nationalism.

The next rally, following the one on June 28, 2015, was co-organized by both Dennis Durham (the Virginia State Chairman of the League of the South) and Jason Sulser, and was dubbed the "Stand For The Confederate Flag" rally. The rally took place on Friday, July 3, 2015 at the same location as the previous rally, the Stafford County Courthouse. The name of the rally was an interesting choice, especially since it wasn't a "Confederate Heritage" group organizing the event, but a white nationalist hate group. The event is listed on the League of the South's homepage, under the events tab, only under a different name, the "Rally Against Southern Cultural Genocide in Stafford County". The white nationalist blog Occidental Dissent also listed the rally as the "second League of the South rally in Stafford, VA". We think that implies that the rally that took place on June 28th was the first, as well as this Facebook post.

(Image courtesy of Occidental Dissent)

On June 30, 2016, in the comments section at the white nationalist blog Occidental Dissent, founder and League of the South member Brad Griffin wrote that they were currently trying to put together a rally in Stafford, Virginia.

(Image courtesy of Occidental Dissent)

Although we have no definitive proof or statement from Sulser himself, which confirms he was a League of the South member, that the event is billed as a League of the South event, and that he was a co-organizer is sufficient to link him to the hate group. Additionally, Sulser was a member of the closed League Facebook group. According to tagging, Sulser was added to the Facebook group by Jess Blevins.

Screenshot taken July 5, 2016. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

The white nationalist/Confederate heritage event was widely promoted on Facebook.

Dennis Durham says that Jason Sulser was the inspiration for this rally.
(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Here is the actual digital flyer that was created to promote the event, which was posted on many Confederate heritage Facebook groups to drum up support for the white nationalist event.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Coincidentally, the "Flag rally" was promoted by the Virginia Flaggers, who also shared photos from the event on their Facebook page.

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Prior to kicking off, it looks like there was some back and forth about whether or not to conceal carry. In the end, several participants open carried.

To carry, or not to carry? That is the question... (Images courtesy of Facebook)

It looks like the Virginia Flaggers were really happy that Durham and Sulser had such a great turnout of "Flaggers" for their white nationalist event.

The Virginia Flaggers rejoice over how many "Flaggers" showed up to a white nationalist rally.
(Image courtesy of Facebook)

The event enjoyed participation from a hybrid of white supremacists and Confederate heritage "Flaggers". In Virginia, this is pretty much the status quo. The "Flagger" crowd pretends that they don't know that white supremacists are there, and the white supremacists swallow their pride and tolerate the Rainbow Confederates. Some of the great folks spotted at this rally include:

Rally co-organizers Jason Sulser and Dennis Durham. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Dennis Durham.

Jason Sulser.

Jason Sulser.

White Nationalist Shane Long and Ron Doggett.

Virginia Flagger Sidney Lester at far left. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

White Nationalist Scott Terry at far right. 

Ron Doggett and Virginia Flagger Willie Earl Wells. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Virginia Flaggers Manny Vega and Willie Earl Wells. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Manny Vega.

Virginia Flaggers Willie Earl Wells, John Grigsby and Manny Vega. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

John Grigsby.

Hugh Edwin Hall. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Lisa Nell Bruner. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Lisa Nell Bruner.

Ron Doggett and his unidentified Nazi buddy. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Ron Doggett.

Andrea Shelton, Ms. Candy and Jacqueline Ferris. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Ms. Candy, Manny Vega and Jacqueline Ferris. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Virginia Flagger Robbie Price thanks the ladies, including Ms. Candy (who is black) for participating in a white nationalist rally. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Although we haven't located any photos of him at the rally, yet, Virginia Flagger Rodney Cool spills the beans and tells us that he was indeed there. Well, thanks for that.

Virginia Flagger Rodney Cool admits he participated in the white nationalist rally in Stafford. (Images courtesy of Facebook)

And although we don't have any photos of Cool at the event, we do have the photos he posted taken at the event. Thanks for that little buddy!

Rodney Cool shares a photo of Dennis Durham captioned "Stafford VA Flaggers". Take one to know one. (Image courtesy of Twitter)

Virginia Flaggers Sidney Lester and a gaggle of other "Stafford VA Flaggers". (Image courtesy of Twitter)

And League of the South member "Virginian Southron", whose real name is apparently Stan Kauling, was there as well. Kauling is quoted in a article, here, see for yourself:

"Stan Kauling, who traveled from Shenandoah County, said the Confederate battle flag was “just that, a military flag.”
He said people were misconstruing the battle flag as a sign of racism.
“The flag is being eradicated simply because people would rather be lied to,” he said. “It’s about pride, honor and heritage.”
As were several others, Kauling was attending as a member of the League of the South, which he called a political activist group.
The league has been listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center since 2000."

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Of course, probably our favorite exchange in the wake of the white nationalist event came from Virginia Flagger head Susan Hathaway, who told her white nationalist friends that "we need to be like silent sentries". Oh my.

Susan Hathaway's great advice for her white nationalist friends. (Images courtesy of Facebook)

No sooner had this event ended, then Sulser and Durham had already begun to salivate over their next rally...

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Here is our original post on this event published on July 5, 2015.

Restoring the honor!


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