Take 'Em Down NOLA calls for expanded removal of tributes to the Confederacy and white supremacy...

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The social justice group Take 'Em Down NOLA has issued a call for expanding the removal of symbols and tributes to the Confederacy and white supremacy in New Orleans. The group also issued a list and map detailing the monuments. 

"We the people of New Orleans demand that the Mayor and City Council take immediate action to remove all monuments, school names and street signs dedicated to White Supremacists. These structures litter our city with visual reminders of the horrid legacy of slavery that terrorized so many of this city's ancestors. They misrepresent our community. We demand the freedom to live in a city where we are not forced to pay taxes for the maintenance of public symbols that demean us and psychologically terrorize us. We demand:
1 That the city release a timeline for the immediate removal of the monuments;
2 That the city expand the definition from 4 specific monuments to encompass all monuments to White Supremacy;
3 That the city develop a community driven process for the removal of the monuments and the choosing of their replacements."

Our friends predictably aren't taking it too well...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, as I have said before, I typically am in favor of re-contextualizing these monuments. To me personally, it makes more economic sense, and also allows for expanded discussion of what white supremacy means, which I think is important. Additionally, a lot of the monuments, while tributes to a despicable worldview are also technically works of art. That does not go for the naming of buildings, streets, etc.. However, I am but just one person, and I also do not live in the communities where these discussions are being had. Finally, if I'm honest about it, my opinion isn't necessarily right, and frankly, probably does not represent the majority view. Communities all over our country are grappling with how best to remember our history, and that, I see nothing wrong with. It is a discussion that is long overdue.

Restoring the honor!


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