Southern Heritage News & Views Facebook page now sharing white nationalist material...

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The "Confederate Heritage" crowd continues to make bold moves toward the Far-Right, white nationalist political spectrum. Twice this week, one of the largest Confederate Heritage Facebook pages, Southern Heritage News & Views, has shared material that is either openly white nationalist, or originates from within the white nationalist community. One posting, was sourced from Occidental Dissent, a white nationalist blog run by Bradley Dean Griffin, of Midway, Alabama. Griffin is on the Board of Directors of the hate group, the Council of Conservative Citizens, which was previously run by his step-father, Gordon Lee Baum, until his death in March of 2015. The Council of Conservative Citizens was cited by white nationalist mass murderer Dylann Roof as his gateway into the world of white nationalism, and which ultimately led to the massacre at Mother Emmanuel Church in which he took the life of nine innocent African American churchgoers. Griffin, a secessionist, believes that Southerners are a "separate and distinct people". The article shared by Southern Heritage News & Views is Griffin's attempt to make the case that Southerners should secede from the Union because they share no common heritage with people in other regions of the country. Griffin writes:

"Why is there a “South”? What is this place we call the South? What makes it different from other parts of the United States?
Many years ago, the Alabama writer Clarence Cason wrote that the South was “self-conscious enough and sufficiently insulated to be thought of as a separate province.” Echoing the same theme, W.J. Cash called the South, “not quite a nation within a nation, but the next thing to it.” In his book The American Dilemma, the Swedish sociologist Gunnar Myrdal agreed that the South was “a nation within a nation.” The historian Ulrich B. Phillips once quipped about a ferryman calling the north bank of the Ohio River “the American shore.”
Surely, there is something to this notion that the South is a separate and distinct place, and that the Southerners who live here are a separate distinct people, unlike other Americans in some critical way. "

Griffin has been bragging lately about the explosive growth in his readership, fueled, no doubt by more "mainstream" outlets like Southern Heritage News & Views sharing links to his material. Judging by the comments under the post, Southern Heritage News & Views may very well have just introduced Griffin to new and unaware adherents to the white nationalist ideology. 

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Another recent post on the Facebook page floated the "white genocide" conspiracy theory, which originates from the cesspool of white supremacy. White Supremacists believe that there is a global cabal of Jews who are flooding "white countries" with non-white immigrants to demographically displace them, and ultimately "soft genocide" the white race without killing a single person. 

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The link directs readers to the Free North Carolina blog, but the post actually originates on the Saboteur365 blog, run by an anonymous white nationalist who claims to be a former economics professor. 

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On a page at the blog titled "Race Realism", the anonymous blogger writes:

"As a race realist, I am color blind in many situations, such as the opportunity to shake hands with Dr. Williams. In other situations, I am acutely aware of the significance of race. That is race realism.
Race realists such as myself, Jared Taylor at American Renaissance , and many others, have been demonized by the New World Order’s mainstream media as haters, racists, Nazis, the KKK, and more.
Isn’t it odd that an alleged hater such as myself admires many black persons, including Dr. Williams, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Ben Carson, Justice Clarence Thomas, and other African-Americans? The mainstream media, as usual, is full of sh*t.
As a race realist, I’ve read selections from academic studies that show that on average, repeat, on average, blacks have lower IQ and impaired impulse control compared to White persons. These characteristics are primarily genetically determined.
I accept these facts just as I accept the fact that there are also some White persons with low IQs and impaired impulse control. It’s just that as a percentage of the group population, blacks have more of these people.
The result is that I play the odds. I avoid black areas since I do not wish to be the victim of crime and violence. I do not listen to black music or TV shows because they are usually unintelligent. Obviously, some white music is also unintelligent. I avoid that as well, although I find it much more palatable than black hip-hop.
Black, Hispanic, or Asian cultures hold little attraction for me. Among European cultures, I prefer the English version to the French and German versions. Shakespeare forever!
Such preferences are natural to me as a White person and natural to everyone, although today such preferences are falsely demonized as racist in universities and the media."

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You can write to Southern Heritage News & Views at, to ask them to delete the links to this material. Please be polite and cite facts.

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I don't recall anyone saying it was racist, but maybe he followed the links to Saboteur365 and read this?:

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Restoring the honor!


  1. So, I take a look at this blog... He has a post about when Hannity pulled a gun on Juan Williams. His stance is that this is how men traditionally act (when they were real men, apparently), so what's wrong with doing that now? Pulling a gun in a debate is perfectly acceptable.

    Yet, in the post you point out, he says he stays away from black areas because he doesn't want to be the victim of crime and violence.

    Are we to assume Hannity's set is to now be considered a black area rife with crime? I guess that would make Hannity black to this guy. Which, in turn, would make him embracive of this black world he pretends to detest.

    Keep 'em guessing, Saboteur.


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