White Nationalist Richard Spencer has lost his tax exempt status, and what that could mean for "Confederate Heritage" organizations...

White Nationalist Richard Spencer just lost his spot on the Government teet. (Image courtesy of Think Progress)

Folks, this could be instructive. How do we stop Confederate Heritage hate flag harassment? Read on. Via the Los Angeles Times:

"The nonprofit run by one of America’s most prominent white nationalists, Richard Spencer, has lost its tax-exempt status for failing to file tax returns with the federal government, according to Internal Revenue Service records.
An inquiry by The Times also raised questions about whether Spencer had properly filed paperwork allowing the National Policy Institute to raise funds in Virginia, its primary place of business, and whether Spencer, a Donald Trump supporter, had flouted federal rules that forbid nonprofits from supporting or opposing political candidates.
On Monday, Spencer said an IRS error led him to believe his group was not required to file federal tax returns, and said he would appeal the loss of his tax-exempt status.
“I don’t know what to say. I don’t want to make a comment because I don’t understand this stuff,” Spencer said in a telephone interview. “It’s a bit embarrassing, but it’s not good. We’ll figure it out.”
Spencer also said his group had filed the necessary paperwork to operate as a nonprofit in Virginia. But a spokeswoman for the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, which regulates charities in the state, said Monday that the status of Spencer’s group was under review.
The paperwork trouble at the National Policy Institute, which was registered under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, seems to have started shortly after Spencer took over the organization in 2011 and used it as a vehicle for promoting his “alternative right” beliefs, which include the need for a separate nation for white people."

Folks, the law is our friend, and their enemy. We already know that they don't believe in the rule of law, or feel that it applies to them. We know that they have huge chips on their shoulders, a gigantic sense of entitlement, and extremely bloated egos. We also know that there are weird financial shenanigans going on, for instance, ACTBAC down in North Carolina, who have repeatedly claimed to be a non-profit, yet we can't locate any record of their non-profit status on the state database. What up with that? This hate flag business isn't cheap, and they aren't doing this with chump change.

Brian Rowsey says that the recently removed flagpole in Lexington was worth $18,000. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Brian Rowsey recently claimed on social media, that the flagpole that came down this week in Lexington was worth $18,000. If they are paying that much for one flagpole, how much money do you think they are raising each year? If they are raising that kind of coin, how much tax do you think they are paying? Do you think they are paying tax? Who knows? But look at how easy this is. All you have to do is ASK QUESTIONS. No one says you have to alledge wrongdoing, I'm certainly not. All the media did was make an inquiry into the National Policy Institute's non-profit status, and now, they don't have one. There is nothing wrong with asking questions. For instance, the Virginia Flaggers are registered as a Limited Liability Corporation, but unlike many of their peers, we can't find any record of non-profit status for the group. That's weird. So what are the possible legal ramifications for that? I'm sure as heck not a legal expert on tax law or non-profits, but the beauty of that is, I don't need to be, because there are Government agencies that are, and all it might take is asking a simple question to get an answer. So I say ask questions, ask a lot of them. Be polite. Don't alledge any wrongdoing. Just cite facts, and let the experts figure it out.

Restoring the honor!


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