Public Service Announcement: Eric Meadows is in a foul mood...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, whatever you do, please don't piss Eric Meadows off today. He's been a real grumpy gills all morning. He was riding a high, because he is in the process of purchasing land to build his Heathen Wonderland, but then, everything went to shit when him and all his pals learned that they might have been telling all of their deepest, darkest secrets to the fuzz. Yikes!

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Hate to break the bad news to the Peanuts Gang, but we don't just have one sock puppet in your inner circle, we have six. So go ahead, delete one, there's more where that came from. Oh yeah, and we're not the only ones watching you, as I'm sure y'all are aware. Y'all have much bigger problems then some no-name blogger to worry about.

Restoring the honor!


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