Photo Gallery: Corey Stewart's extremist filled anti-immigrant hate rally in Richmond, Virginia...

Facebook event page for Corey Stewart's anti-immigrant hate rally. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Expectations for extremists didn't disappoint yesterday in Richmond. We've just received photos from a local Richmond photographer. Many thanks. Keep in mind, this gallery is mixed between Stewart supporters and the opposition. Several faces immediately jump out at us. Ron Doggett, Derrick Davis, Jason Kessler, Isaac Smith, Gregory and George Randall, Willie Earl Wells, Boogie. A few new faces, like Brandon Howard and Joe Draego, and then some, we will need your help to identify.

(Image courtesy of Google Mail)

If you have any photos or video to share, or any intel on anyone below, or anyone else you encountered in Richmond yesterday, please drop us an anon email to

Restoring the honor!


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