Oopsy Daisy: News media falsely cites Sons of Confederate Veterans hate group status...

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The Southern Poverty Law Center HAS NOT labeled the Sons of Confederate Veterans a hate group. As a matter of fact, they published an article just yesterday which makes that clear. Obviously, this is a factual error made by the church and not corrected by the reporter. Additionally, while there is much anecdotal evidence that William Tappan Thompson potentially played some role in helping to design the Second National Confederate flag, but I personally have found NO evidence in my own research which definitively proves this. Have to be fair. It does no good to make false or misleading claims. Unfortunately, despite the church and the news media making the error, I suspect that the ensuing uproar will be directed at the Southern Poverty Law Center, who, if we are to be fair to both sides, never made the claim in the article. It's no secret that racists object to the SPLC listing them on a hate map, but it's unfair to falsely cite hate group status, when there is none. 

Restoring the honor!


  1. The reporter updated the story at 9:03 am to reflect that the SCV is not listed as a hate group.


    The mischaracterization of Thompson as the designer remains. I'd like to say that I confirmed Thompson as the designer, but the historical record doesn't support that. I have spoken with several vexilloligists, and even reached out to John Coski (he didn't return my email), and independently researched this topic. Unless someone has some evidence to add, I think it is a mischaracterization to attribute the design of the Second National to Thompson. Now, he was most definitely a white supremacist, and the quotes are accurate, but can we prove he designed it? No. All of the available evidence is anectdotal.

  2. I wish there was better clarification about Thompson's role in the 2nd national flag. He made a comment on it, and it seems many have taken that to mean the design was his. It don't mean no nevermind to the heritage crowd anyway, they think the Southern Cross is some holy relic.

    1. I do too. It has been widely attributed to him. The available evidence is anecdotal though. I am hopeful that concrete evidence might someday be discovered.

    2. The Confederate Congress didn't recognize anyone as the designer of the flag.

      Pages 477-478:

      William T. Thompson is not mentioned anywhere in the Journal of the Confederate Congress.

    3. A very fair follow-up article has been posted.



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