Hate Not Heritage: Virginia Flaggers webmaster having an apparent nervous breakdown over Douglasville 15 Confederate Heritage terrorists...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Someone's having a bad day. I'm worried. Perhaps someone could take her in for mental evaluation?

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Take it away Will...

Restoring the honor!


  1. Despite her admission that she doesn't have any of the evidence, she's confident that the evidence didn't show what the judge (who decided their fate after weighing all of the evidence) said it did show. How are those sour grapes Connie? Shucks. And all this time we thought the word "racist" had lost all meaning. Keep telling yourself that.

  2. Wonder why she doesn't comment here anymore?

    1. She's been banned for not following the rules, which are pretty simple. All she has to do is not be a liar, and back-up her statements with facts. She actually comments a few times a day usually, I just shitcan her comments after I have a good laugh. By the way, Heimbach was a guest on the same white nationalists podcast that left a comment under Connie's chat the other day to say that he private messaged. The Confederate Heritage crowd are really just white nationalists who are too scared to own up to their racism.

  3. http://mybacksass.blogspot.com/2017/02/dangerous-violent-hate-filled-left.html#comment-form

    Connie continues to defend the racists.


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