Hate Not Heritage: Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp to host controversial Pastor who is speaking to a white nationalist hate group in June...

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Folks, I don't understand. I thought that the Sons of Confederate Veterans had a strictly enforced policy of not associating with those who associate with hate groups? 

(Image courtesy of the Sons of Confederate Veterans)

Taken from the A.P. Hill SCV Camp's Facebook page.  (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Doesn't that seem like it goes directly against their policies? How fitting though, that Weaver is speaking at the Sons of Confederate Veterans camp's Confederate History and Heritage Month celebration.

(Image courtesy of the League of the South)

Folks, if you really believe that the Sons of Confederate Veterans means it when they say that they strictly enforce their no hate group policy, you have apparently been snookered. How can they allow this?

Pastor John Weaver. (Image courtesy of the Southern Poverty Law Center)

Unless they choose to cancel this speaking engagement, I don't see how anyone can take them at their word. Here are some email addresses and telephone numbers. I am quite sure that they would love to hear from you. Please be polite and cite facts.

Background on Weaver:

Contacts to voice your disapproval:

(Images courtesy of the Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans)

Email Virginia Division Heritage Defense Coordinator B. Frank Earnest be sure to stress that you believe that this is an egregious Heritage violation.

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(Images courtesy of the Sons of Confederate Veterans)

Note: It appears as though the Sons of Confederate Veterans have removed all direct email addresses to contact individual contacts at the National level. You have to submit all email correspondence through a web form accessed through their homepage here. Sons of Confederate Veterans Commander-in-Chief Thomas V. Strain, Jr., was previously copied in an email reply to me. The email address in that reply was tomstrain@bellsouth.net. I went ahead and got things started.

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Restoring the honor!


  1. Guess who else just loves Pastor John Weaver? https://www.facebook.com/ALAMANCEOURS/posts/1862819410598329


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