Can Neo-Confederates read?

Moronic Neo-Confederates are blaming WGNO's trolling on the NAACP and the city of New Orleans. (Images courtesy of Facebook)

A new article published by WGNO in New Orleans is causing quite a stir within the Neo-Confederate community. The controversy is leading me to question whether Neo-Confederates have any intelligence at all. The article appears to be nothing more than an effort to troll them, by a news organization. Neither the City of New Orleans, nor groups like the NAACP are calling for changes to the newly installed light posts, yet Neo-Confederates are directing their anger over a non-existent threat to both. Via the WGNO report:

"We’ve asked the mayor’s office for a comment on the light poles and to see if the city would consider removing them as well.  We’ll pass along their response!"

Gordon Dean Flick falsely believes that the city of New Orleans wants to remove the street lights they just installed. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

If the Neo-Confederates could process simple English language, and read at a 4th grade level (which obviously they cannot), they'd know that this wasn't even a thing. WGNO is trolling them. They are the ones making an issue out of the street lights, which by the way, I don't really see any issue with. This is a total media troll. The NAACP isn't even mentioned in the article. To my knowledge, the city of New Orleans installed the street lights recently, and I'd be highly surprised if they just installed them and already want to take them down. Even if they did, it isn't mentioned in the article, so how the Neo-Confederates conclude that is beyond me. Folks, we're just not dealing with intelligent people here. Now, I am not the brightest build in the bunch, but I can spot trolling when I see it, and WGNO is doing a wonderful job in trolling these dolts.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Folks, something I hadn't considered when I made the statement that "I don't really see any issue with", was the relevant history. Via Crossroads:

    "To be sure, there are some problems with this designation. The Confederacy did not “dominate” New Orleans during the entire American Civil War. Just ask David G. Farragut, who seized it in April 1862, or Benjamin Butler, who soon dominated the city (and perhaps its spoons) during a controversial stint as occupation commander. So the sign needs modification."

    Here is a general timeline of Louisiana and New Orleans "domination" through the Civil War:


    January 8, 1861 - Louisiana Governor Thomas Overton Moore orders the militia to occupy the US arsenal in Baton Rouge and the US forts guarding New Orleans.

    January 26, 1861 - Louisiana declares secession from the Union.

    February 4, 1861 - Louisiana admitted to the Confederacy.

    April 25, 1862 - New Orleans surrendered to the Union.

    April 29, 1862 - Louisiana state flag removed from City Hall.

    May 1, 1862 - General Butler moves 5,000 troops in to occupy New Orleans with no resistance.

    May 2, 1862 - William Seward, US Secretary of State declares New Orleans recovered.

    April 9, 1865 - Lee surrenders at Appomattox Courthouse.

    June 25, 1868 - Louisiana readmitted to Union.

    It appears according to posts at Civil War Talk that the new lamp posts are the same as the old lamp posts, and therefore the word "dominate" originates from the original design.

    Via "Roberts" at Civil War Talk:

    "The original lamp post with inscription came from a design created by the New Orleans Public Service in 1929 for Canal Street. The bases commemorate the city's political history and the word domination also has a definition associated with sovereignty and dominion. I don't speak Louisiana Franglais. The new poles may have used the casting from the old molds. They look the same."

    "Roberts" also includes this passage from "New Orleans Then and Now" by Richard Campanella, which states that Canal Streets street Lights were designed from 1929-1930 by the New Orleans Public Service, Inc. (NOPSI):


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