BREAKING NEWS!: Virginia Flaggers Lexington hate flag coming down says Brian Rowsey...

This post was deleted within minutes! (Images courtesy of Facebook)

Of course it's coming down. I told you that the Flaggers had no plan. They are a gigantic hoax. They aren't "defending" anything. Susan Hathaway is a coward. She won't answer her critics, and she won't denounce racists like any normal, decent human being would. Brian Rowsey and the Virginia Flaggers talked a whole bunch of smack, but we all knew they were writing checks their asses couldn't cash. Oh yeah, and by the way, Scott Woods is a Klansman. Now, about that monument in Charlottesville...

Restoring the honor!


  1. Allow me to give you an update on Charlottesville...

    ...And that's all I have to say about that. LOL!

  2. I had actually forgotten about it, but the media did a big to do last week over Rowsey's alleged lawsuit. He backtracked when I called him on the phone and told me that the suit, that the media had already quoted him as saying, was already filed, wasn't, and that it would be filed this week. Here we are on Friday, there's no lawsuit, and he's posting, and then promptly deleting messages on Facebook, claiming that the flagpole and flag are coming down. The media have been botching this story from the start because they are too timid to grill these phonies. The real story is that the Flaggers didn't do their homework and ignored a direct warning and raised that monstrosity because of their big fat egos. I'll tell you why this happened, because they were under a time crunch and didn't want to disappoint their suck ass followers. Not like it mattered, Susan could murder Mother Teresa and they'd give her an attaboy.

    I would not be surprised if we see some sort of last second, half-assed effort to do something after squandering the last month and a half. They're probably working feverishly as we speak on some kind of bizarre plan, and if not, they will probably raise more flags and then call that a victory.

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    1. I typically don't allow Chastain's comments through, but this one confirms the Flaggers gigantic, embarrassing FAILure. Thanks for the confirmation of what we already knew. Hate flag is coming down. Susan Hathaway's fault for not doing her due diligence and ignoring the rule of law in the name of pride.

    2. The Virginia Flaggers are now openly defying the law:


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