BREAKING NEWS!: Virginia Flaggers do an apparent about face, Lexington hate flag reportedly comes down after all...

This is the closest the "Heritage Hackers" will ever get to my email! (Images courtesy of Gmail)

As long as they aren't trolling, "I told you so." It's all smoke and mirrors folks. Via the Virginia Flaggers:

"Lexington 60 West Memorial Battle Flag Temporarily Down Due To Government Overreach
At the request of the property owners, we hired a crane this morning to temporarily remove the 80' pole and 20' x 30' flag raised in Lexington during the Lee-Jackson holiday weekend.
As reported last week, we were prepared to pay the fines that the county of Rockbridge had threatened to levy while we submitted the requested building permit application and request for a "certificate of appropriateness", neither of which had been required on either of the other two flags raised previously in Rockbridge County. However, when the landowner contacted us and requested the pole be temporarily removed until the permits were in place, we agreed to his request, as he had been subject to harassment and even threatened with imprisonment.
The pole and flag will be reinstalled once the permit and certificate are issued, and in the meantime the publicity has led many Rockbridge County residents to contact us about installing flags on their property. We have already filed a permit application for a new 100' pole on Rt 60, and expect at least a half dozen new flags to be flying soon.
By refusing to work with us on bringing this site into compliance, Rockbridge County has in fact helped to boost our support and assisted in acquiring new flag sites for development.
We expect that before we are finished there,  Lexington will soon be giving Danville a run for their money as the "Confederate Flag Capital" of Virginia.
"All we ask is to be let alone...""

Y'all supporters go ahead and keep sending them your hard earned money, just don't think about where it's going. By the way, where is it going?

Restoring the honor!


  1. I told you, it's going right back up. Hide and watch. Try not to get too bent out of shape when you see it waving in the breeze....

    1. Yes, we heard...

    2. But not in the same spot...flaggers gonna one day realize they are not above the law.

    3. Oh, I think they realize that now. All of their bluster is just for their throng of braindead followers. Not that it matters, the majority of them are still blowing smoke up Susie's ass over how wonderful the hate flag lowering, today was. It's also not guaranteed that the County will approve it. So the Flaggers should slow their roll. Additionally, Brian Rowsey, the pawnshop owner, is advertising the property as being for sale on Facebook, odd considering he doesn't actually own it. There is some kind of bizarre lease-to-own deal between him and the property owner, from what I hear. The whole thing is bizarre really.


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