BREAKING NEWS: Jason Sulser convicted on 45 counts of child pornography charges, jury recommends a 127 year prison sentence...

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We've been waiting for this day for a long, long time. I'm glad this sick son-of-a-bitch will never see daylight again. The Confederate Heritage community should be ashamed of themselves for not denouncing this sick pedophile. Via

"A Stafford County jury late Thursday recommended a 127-year prison sentence for a county man convicted of 45 child pornography-related charges.
Jason Charles Sulser, 40, of Stafford got the verdict at the end of a two-day jury trial in Stafford Circuit Court.
According to the evidence presented by prosecutor Ryan Frank, an investigation began in April after Sulser’s roommate reported finding sexually explicit images of young girls on Sulser’s computer.
Blake O’Brien said he passed through Sulser’s living area at the home on Wakefield Avenue in southern Stafford on April 13 on his way to do laundry. He said he bumped the mouse of the computer and the images appeared.
Detective J.R. Duggins obtained a search warrant and recovered numerous images from the computer. One of the images found on the computer was also found on Sulser’s personal cellphone, Frank said."

The article continues:

"The minimum amount of time the jury could have recommended Thursday was 55 years. Frank said he made several offers to Sulser that would have resulted in “far less” time if he accepted responsibility, but he decided to take his chances with a jury.
Prior to his arrest, Sulser became known in the community for his support of the Confederate flag and Southern heritage. He helped organize a spirited rally at Stafford Courthouse in 2015.
Sulser will be formally sentenced on May 19."

We will have a full wrap-up on Sulser this weekend. Stay tuned.

Restoring the honor!


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