Auntie Ruckus now pushing the false "black on white crime" narrative?

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Claytonette Bigsby strikes again. The narratives that we constantly find Arlene Barnum pushing, could be plucked right from white nationalists. This post could easily have been found on the webpage for the Council of Conservative Citizens. She has more or less allowed herself to become a defacto cheerleader for white supremacy. The hilarious thing is that white supremacists hate her. It's only the "Rainbow Confederates" that will have anything to do with her, but what the Rainbows don't understand is that Barnum is trying to convert them into the former, either knowingly or unknowingly. Folks, crime happens everywhere. No one and no place is immune to it. Make no mistake though folks, there is a demonization campaign underway, and whether she wanted to be or not, Barnum just became a spokesperson.

Restoring the honor!


  1. White supremacy -- being against black on white crime.

    1. Sorry, no time to discuss right now, I'm speaking with the police department about my email, cloud, and personal computer being hacked. They want me to bring it in to have it looked at bytheur computer forensics department. Strangely enough, the hacker is followed by Cathy Hoyle Hendricks. I'm sure the police will contact you guys for more information. Have to go, I have to fill out a statement.

    2. I was really surprised at how serious they are taking this. I didn't realize it was such a big deal. Just look at the laws in Virginia:

      I really hope the authorities are able to apprehend the perpetator(s).


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