All Together Now: The appearance of collusion between hardcore racists and Confederate Heritage...

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Now folks, did you read Racey Cave, of Woodstock, Georgia's, comment? He is impressed by the way that groups like the League of the South, the Virginia Flaggers and the Alt-Right have all seemingly been working together lately. I have no reason to doubt his judgement, because he knows about extremism, he used to listen to Dr. William Luther Pierce and the National Alliance all the time. Who else do we know that was a fan of Dr. Pierce? Hold on. It will come to me... Oh, yeah.

Racey Cave (the Mr.) of Woodstock, Georgia. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

The League of the South had members in Lexington back in January for Lee-Jackson Day, who rallied and marched with the Virginia Flaggers. These hate group stickers pop up in Richmond around the same time. We learn that Gregory Randall is a member of the hate group. It all adds up. The Flaggers know who these people are, they just don't care. They have no reservations about all sorts of hardcore racists at their events, as long as they don't come with hoods and nooses (bad optics, we hear). Folks, they couldn't do it without the pathetic Virginia news media, who repeatedly turn a blind eye to the glaring reality that these groups are all connected. Here is a reply that I received from a member of said media recently, when I called them out on their fluff piece about the LOSers/Flaggers.

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"Another day, another column..." Yeah. Sure... Like I have said before folks, we're just going to have to do it ourselves. Too much work for people who GET PAID to do this.

Restoring the honor!


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