All Rise: Jason Kessler feels the sting of failure...

I wasn't surprised by today's outcome. We all knew how this was going to end. My only regret was that I couldn't be there to witness Kessler's temper tantrum. Via Cville:

"The prosecutor said Kessler “was upset” when he came into courtroom and called him “‘Doucette’ in a rude fashion,” said the attorney. “I said, ‘It’s Mr. Doucette.” Doucette said Kessler calmed down, but added, “I’m not going to put up with disrespect.”
Earlier on his way into the courthouse, Kessler denounced NBC29 reporter Henry Graff for calling him a “white nationalist” on the air, and added that Graff was a “piece of shit pretty boy.”
Kessler also expressed his displeasure with this reporter, whom he called a “lazy journalist” for naming Pepe the frog as the mascot for his newly formed, Western civilization-protecting Unity and Security for America. The organization has a lion in its logo, Kessler pointed out, but its website includes a frog with the message, “Kek is with us,” and Kessler has publicly proclaimed his fondness for Pepe, which has been appropriated as a symbol of hate by alt-right groups."

(Image courtesy of Unity and Security for America)

The article continues:

"Kessler said he disagreed with Doucette’s decision, but would not try to refile the petition. “I’m ready to move on.” He said he plans to investigate other city councilors.
City Council regular John Heyden, who attended Kessler’s press conference last month, filed a Freedom of Information Act request for “any complaints about Wes Bellamy’s conduct made by any city employees or citizens up to the present time.”
The city estimated it would cost at least $1,200 to search the records of its 900 employees, which Kessler blasted as the city trying to “obstruct” his investigation of other councilors. “That is a ridiculous charge,” he said.
Starsia said the FOIA was a “fishing expedition” and Kessler’s USA organization had already e-mailed every city employee soliciting complaints against Bellamy. “They do not have anything,” she said."

Kessler has no one to be mad at but himself. Now, he will have the rest of his life to think about it. Great job loser, you just won an all expense paid trip to "Unemployed For Life" island.

Restoring the honor!


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