All Rise: Jason Kessler, and the conspiracy to destroy Wes Bellamy, facing a potential rebuke in the courtroom today...

Alt-Right wannabe troll Jason Kessler.

Jason Sulser isn't the only Jason having a BIG day in court today.

(Image courtesy of the Charlottesville City Circuit Court)

"A petition to remove Charlottesville's vice-mayor from office will likely not move forward. 
NBC29 has learned the special prosecutor in the case has filed a motion to non-suit.
This four-page court filing could clear the way for Charlottesville Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy to remain in office. The special prosecutor in the case filed the motion to non-suit Tuesday in Charlottesville Circuit Court.
It lists three primary reasons why the petition shouldn't go forward.
The man behind the petition Jason Kessler, the founder of Unity and Security for America - a group that describes its mission as "dedicated to defending Western Civilization including its history, culture and peoples while utterly dismantling Cultural Marxism" didn't get enough signatures required under state law.
Kessler had 597, and court documents says he needed 1,580.
Second, the special prosecutor says Bellamy's alleged misconduct happened between 2009 and 2014, well before Bellamy took office in 2016. Finally, the prosecutor says the petition lists "misuse of office" as grounds for removal, but sees no direct link or connection."

You can read previous filings in the case by Kessler, and Wes Bellamy's attorney, Pam Starsia here. In semi-related news, Kessler, who is facing assault charges, suffered a major setback recently, as a prosecutor found that video surveillance disputed Kessler's account of an alleged altercation that stemmed from Kessler's attempts to collect signatures for his petition calling for the removal of Bellamy from office. Kessler, a legal novice, might want to study up by reading all about his buddy Mike Cernovich (aka Mike "Cernobitch"), who is apparently entangled in an embarrassing legal battle of his own.

Mike Cernobitch and Jason Kessler at the recent "Alt-Right" gathering, the "Bull Moose Party". (Image courtesy of Facebook)

One degree of separation from Alan Dershowitz. Oh my...

Restoring the honor!


  1. Kessler's petition dismissed for not having enough signatures.


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