When Rainbows Attack: The Virginia Flaggers lash out at the Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans for not filing a lawsuit first...

Virginia Flaggers pole-meister Tommy Goddard mad? (Images courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, even though the Virginia Flaggers have repeatedly claimed that lawsuits and injunctions were ready and waiting, they've yet to file one. As a matter of fact, instead of filing their own lawsuit, they've instead sent the attack dogs out to batter the Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans for not doing what they, themselves promised to do.

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Seems that everyone wants to talk tough, but no one wants to pull the trigger. Tripp seems especially bent out of shape. I guess he's a little triggered because there is still no one settin' in jail...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, don't worry. They have not yet begun to fight. 

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

They're all just waiting for someone to lead the way. Seems leadership is sorely needed in the "Heritage" movement right now. Speaking of leadership, has anyone heard from Susan lately? Awfully quiet out there in Sandston tonight.

Restoring the honor!


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