Troll Storm: Who is "Victor Haywood" and "Cville Uplift"?

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, check out this new blog that I've just been turned on to by Maeve Magdalen. It's called "Cville Uplift", and it is apparently published by someone who goes by "Victor Haywood".

(Image courtesy of Cville Uplift)

Looks brand new. Already, a few things have jumped out at me. The blog appears to reference Richard Spencer in it's newest post. Richard Spencer is the head of the National Policy Institute, a white supremacist think tank. He has just set up shop in Alexandia, Virginia after being chased out of Whitefish, Montana following a spate of Neo-Nazi harassment of Jews.

Cville Uplift post calls blacks "inferior". (Image courtesy of Cville Uplift)

The post attributes a quote to Richard Spencer, but is actually a quote of Robert Jensen. A separate post calls Wes Bellamy a "token".

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Lets face it folks, there's only one version of supremacy that is "ok" in Charlottesville, and that's the "white" version. Although this blog appears to claim to cater to "Liberals", I'm skeptical. Has anyone ever heard of Victor Haywood? I haven't. Apparently, Victor looks like this:

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

Victor already has a Go Fund Me page going (imagine that). He's only looking to raise $100,000, so let the grifting begin!

(Image courtesy of GoFundMe)

And what Leftists do you know that call blacks "inferior" and falsely cite todays most well known white nationalist?

Victor Haywood quotes Malcolm X but attributes the quote to Richard Spencer. 
(Image courtesy of Twitter)

Something smells rotten in Denmark! This blog and Go Fund Me page both look like bad attempts at trolling. There's been a ton of that going on in Charlottesville lately. 

Restoring the honor!




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