The Softball Game: Virginia Flaggers spokesman tells Steve Schilling, "White supremacy, which is the buzzword now, has nothing to do with American Veterans. It has nothing to do with Virginia Flaggers..."

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Our good friend Barry Isenhour barfed a word salad all over the airwaves earlier today. Isenhour told Steve Schilling, amongst other things, that:

"White supremacy, which is the buzzword now, has nothing to do with American Veterans. It has nothing to do with Virginia Flaggers..."

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Sure Barry. Sure.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Confederate soldiers are not "American Veterans", and they should not be recognized as such. The Flaggers are now pretty much going to one place to get their talking points out. Schilling is pretty much a clearing house for propaganda.

  2. Here are some additional quotes from Captain Hotdog:

    When asked about who the Flaggers are, and what they are about, Isenhour had this to say:

    "Well, we mainly support Veterans, American Veterans, and that is where the Confederate Veteran comes in, because they are considered US Veterans as well. And so, it's about the soldier. It's about the men who actually fought under General Lee and during the war, and there are all kinds of reasons that they fought, but mostly it was to protect their families and their farms and things from invasion. We were invaded in the Commonwealth. And so, Virginia Flaggers simply point out that there's more to this particular war than the bumper sticker stuff that you hear. And so, we are misrepresented sometimes, but we do change hearts and minds one person at a time."

    That sounds great Barry. Did you write that pablum yourself or did Mommy help you? Isenhour then answered a caller named Greg, who was babbling on about race and Marxism. I have a strong suspicion that it was General Jackson, but no way to prove that. Isenhour continued:

    "I don't think that any of our Southern folks are not proud to be Americans. It's just that, we don't appreciate the fact that we act like, that somehow if we honor our ancestors, we're second class citizens. This is not very cool."

    Really Barry? What about your ancestors, who tried to break away from our country? Who seized US government property? Who killed their brothers and neighbors in a treasonous war of their choosing? Isenhour was also striking the victimization tone, once again. This is the Rights new strategy, paint themselves as the poor, helpless victims who have suffered massive injustice at the hands of intolerant "Marxist" Leftists. And guess what folks? It's working. People are buying this steaming pile of dung.


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