The Softball Game: The Progress-Index emerges as the first Virginia news media organization to call the Flaggers to the carpet...

(Image courtesy of the Progress-Index)

Folks, I have to give credit where credit is due. The Progress-Index has a brand new article out, authored by Staff Writer, Michael Buettner. It's no secret that I, and others, have been critical of the Virginia news media's blackout on the well documented connections between the Virginia Flaggers and a host of deplorable individuals, but it looks as though the tide may slowly be turning.

(Image courtesy of the Progress-Index)

This is all absolutely true. Susan Hathaway once had articles written by her, printed in an Anti-Semitic tabloid, The First Freedom. We repeatedly called on her to denounce the Anti-Jew rag, but she did not. Hathaway also appeared on the podcast of a well known white nationalist who once belonged to a Neo-Nazi group. Again, we called on Hathaway and the Flaggers to denounce, they refused. More recently, the Flaggers marched on Lexington, Virginia, with undesirables like Carlos Lesters and Gregory Randall. And who can forget that time that Susan Hathaway had a "good conversation" with the President of the League of the South and a Board Member of the Council of Conservative Citizens at the Birthday bash for the first grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan? Speaking of the Klan, who can forget about that time that Hathaway marched to the top of Stone Mountain with a Klansman? Fitting, seeing as how Stone Mountain was the birthplace of the Second Era Ku Klux Klan

Yeah, "So what?" You act like white nationalism is a bad thing. (Image courtesy of the Progress-Index)

Folks, this is an encouraging development. As we all know, all floods being with a trickle. Lets hope that the rest of the Virginia news media take the cue and start doing their jobs for a change.

Restoring the honor!


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