The New Civil Rights: Arlene Barnum and Kirk David Lyons to push for Civil Rights for Neo-Confederate whites who aren't oppressed?

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The answer Auntie Ruckus, is that "Southerners with Confederate heritage" aren't listed as a protected class or as a national origin, because they are neither. Stop making shit up. It is absolutely offensive for you to even suggest such an ignorant and ridiculous argument. 

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Oh look. Kirk David Lyons. Who would have ever thought we'd see him weighing in on this?

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Restoring the honor!


  1. Actually, Paul David Hatch up above, clearly doesn't understand hate crime laws (which are rarely ever used.) It is only elevated to a hate crime if an element of a protected class is part of the motivation for the crime. If Hatch hit a black person and there was no evidence that their skin color, race, etc. was part of the motivation for the crime, he would likely only be charged with assault. If Hatch ran up to a black person and screamed, "I hate you niggers", and then punched the black person, it is possible, but unfortunately, still not likely he would be charged with a hate crime. That is the actual truth. Also unfortunate is that people like Hatch really believe this bunk. It is because they have a victimization mentality spurred on by uneducated racial arsonists like "P.T. Barnum".

    1. Oops. Should read "Hash", not "Hatch".

    2. A prime example:


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