South Carolina Secessionist Party reportedly snubbed by homophobic flagpole company...

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You may recall that back in October of 2016, Tyler Bessenger, the leader of the South Carolina Secessionist Party came out as as homosexual. At the time, there was some uncertainty how the Confederate Heritage movement would take the news, but it looks like they aren't taking it too well, as the SCSP was reportedly snubbed by an unnamed flagpole supplier recently due to apparent homophobia.

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That's too bad. My advice is to call Tommy Goddard and Sky High Poles at 434-489-9981, who I hear are VERY homosexual Confederate friendly. Tell them Bobby Lee sent you.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

I am very concerned about helping them find a supplier, so I emailed Sky High Poles for them. You hang in there Braxton, I'm sure Tommy will be emailing you back any second now to help y'all out down there!

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I also decided to take some time to mock-up a new suggested advertisement for Sky High Flags. What do y'all think? I won't even charge y'all for the advert if you decide that you want to use it.

Mock-up of a suggested advertisement for Sky High Poles.

Restoring the honor!


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