Shop Around: How much is that Nathan Bedford Forrest in the window?

(Image courtesy of Ebay)

Folks, this auction for a so-called "rare" Nathan Bedford Forrest print by late, renowned artist Michael Gnatek, Jr., has really captured my attention. First off, I question how rare this print is, and what actually makes it rare. Nothing that I can see.

(Image courtesy of Ebay)

It isn't an original. It is a 750-of-a-kind, mass produced, reproduction. Yes, it is signed, but so is every single one of the prints by the same artist offered for sale here, and for much cheaper prices might I add. I collect things too, and 750 of something, isn't quite what I would call "rare". Additionally, you can get this print for much, much less than $2999. Whoever paid that much for one of these reproductions is outta his or her mind. shows that the same print once went for the bargain basement price of $200.

(Image courtesy of

So before you go high bidding on this print, remember what my Momma always used to say, "You better shop around!" It looks like Susan Hathaway has set a reserve price for this auction. We'll keep an eye on that, which should give us an idea of what kinda clams she's holding out for.

The Miracles - Shop Around

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