Pawn Stars: Devoid of any real strategy to save it, the Virginia Flaggers reportedly pawn Lexington hate flag...

(Image courtesy of WDBJ)

That's right folks. "Heritage" has been reduced to a cheap trinket that the Virginia Flaggers apparently think they can save by pawning it to a low-life creep. Pawn shops are bottom feeders, and it is no wonder that the Virginia Flaggers got hooked up with a lamprey like Brian Rowsey. WDBJ is reporting that the Virginia Flaggers did they only thing that they could in an apparent attempt to save the Lexington hate flag, they pawned it. Here is the problem folks. The flagpole is in violation of local ordinances because they did not get a building permit or subject their plan to a TCO review. Rowsey thinks he knows the law, and he's putting on this big front, but at the end of the day, that rag is coming down. It appears as though the Flaggers and Rowsey came up with the idea of pawning the flagpole to 60 West Pawn as some sort of lame brained loophole. Changing ownership of the flagpole does absolutely nothing to change the circumstances. I wonder who gave them that brilliant legal advice? So sit back folks and enjoy the final weeks of the Lexington hate flag, soon to be coming down as it becomes obvious there is no plan to save it. 

Restoring the honor!


  1. "It's not even 9am and News to the county Rowsey has a lawyer now good luck to you have my million ready you dumb asses. He will be contacting you soon. Main thing is he is from out of town." Brian Rowsey, Facebook, February 22, 2017, around 9am.

    I'm calling straight bluff on this one. Anyone heard from the Flaggers? Anyone? Anyone?

  2. Replies
    1. Exactly. Flaggers are AWOL. The fact that they made a feeble attempt to pawn the pole as some sort of hilarious half-assed end run around the law made my day. The Flaggers are one trick ponies.

  3. You are sooooooo out of touch. You three year old, you think if you don't know about it, it hasn't happened. If you only knew what a joke you are.

    1. You are generally banned because of your repeated dishonesty, but I'm allowing this so I can respond and make you look like a fool.

      I just spoke with Mr. Rowsey. He told me the lawsuit that has allegedly already been filed will be filed by next week. When asked to provide the name of his legal counsel, he declined under the advice of his alleged attorney who he told me, told him not to speak to the media.

      You can go back to your crevice now.


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