Pawn Stars: Brian Rowsey allegedly suing Rockbridge County on the Virginia Flaggers dime...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Reports tonight that the Virginia Flaggers are footing the bill for Brian Rowsey's "million dollar" lawsuit. All Brian wants is a piece of paper... Errrrr, make that a million pieces of paper. 

Restoring the honor!


  1. I just spoke with Mr. Rowsey a short time ago. He said the alleged lawsuit, that's supposedly already been filed, will be filed by next week. He refused to give the name of his alleged attorney citing attorney advice. Talking to him was like being mindfucked. He kept saying the same thing over and over again but none of it made any logical sense. My question is, why did the Flaggers pawn the Flagpole? Why would they do that? When you pawn something, you're using it as collateral for a loan, but surely that can't be the reason why they allegedly did this. Unfortunately, the fake news media is too skeered to do their jobs, so perhaps we'll never know. Rowsey told me in one breath that he'd take it down and move it, but then in another said it isn't coming down. Obviously, there's a whole bunch of tomfoolery going on here.

  2. "State law says I can pawn and store anything and store it anyway I need to to keep it from theft or damage." Brian Rowsey, Facebook, February 21st at 10:31 am.

    Actually, that's not exactly what it says, but it is pretty close.

    "§ 54.1-4013. Care of tangible personal property; evaluation fee.

    A. Pawnbrokers shall store, care for and protect all of the tangible personal property in the pawnbroker's possession and protect the property from damage or misuse. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to mean that pawnbrokers are insurers of pawned property in their possession.

    Code 1950, § 54-856; 1988, c. 765; 1998, c. 848."

    Here are all of the Virginia codes that pertain to Pawnbrokers:

    And here are the definitions of tangible personal property:

    The law is purposely vague, but I doubt he will be successful trying to shield the pole from being removed with such a hairbrained plan like this. When they start doing crap like this, you know they're desperate. Also, the part about "possession" could be key. Is it in the Pawnbrokers "possession" sitting in a Right of Way along the road? By that logic, Rowsey should leave all of the guns inside his store out in the grass by the road tonight. I will note that there are a whole range of other laws that apply to Pawnbrokers and some that even would apply to this Flagpole. Who is making sure those are all followed? Not following them could result in a class 4 misdemeanor and suspension of license. Just saying. I would cover all bases here. Additionally, when the pole was pawned, was the flag also pawned?


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